Of all Americans who voted for Donald Trump, 29% have not been vaccinated by May 2021 and say they are very unlikely to.

Margin of error = ±3.5%

Symposium – Equity in America National Survey: Examining our Definition of Equity

Photos of Levine, McPherson, Dias, and Setren
Panelists Peter Levine (moderator), Lionel McPherson, Felipe Dias, Elizabeth Setren

The symposium “Equity in America National Survey: Examining our Definition of Equity” was held on November 19, 2021 and began with presentations on recent research by Equity Group members. In the second half, a panel discussed the meaning and role of equity investigations when historical injustices have not been repaired. The panel also considered questions and perspectives that might be included in a third national survey from the Equity Research Group.

Part 1 – Presentations of current research, moderated by Shikhar Shrestha

• Jennifer Allen, ScD, MPH, Parents’ Willingness to Vaccinate Children for COVID-19: Conspiracy Theories, Information Sources, and Perceived Responsibility.
• Eden Shaveet, BA, Marissa Gallegos, BS, Catie Urquhart, Web-Based Health Information Seeking Methods and Time Since Provider Engagement: Reflections on Access Equity.
• Wenhui Feng, PhD, Is Everything Politicized? Exploring Associations Between Health Behaviors and Political Ideology.
• Megan Mueller, PhD, Equity and the “pet effect”: Complexities in understanding how pets support health outcomes.

Part 2 – Panel discussion: Examining our Definition of Equity

• Peter Levine, PhD, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Tufts Johnathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life (moderator)
• Lionel McPherson, PhD Tufts Department of Philosophy
• Felipe Dias, PhD, Tufts Department of Sociology
• Elizabeth Setren, PhD, Tufts Department of Economics