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Associations among political voting preference, high-risk health status, and preventative behaviors for COVID-19. Thalia Porteny, Laura Corlin, Jennifer D. Allen, Kyle Monahan, Andrea Acevedo, Thomas J. Stopka, Peter Levine, Keren Ladin. Public Health, February 2022.

This study of political preference, level of Covid risk, and level of Covid prevention behavior found that individual preventative behavior was associated with political preference but not the risk of severe Covid.

Why are Some People Reluctant to be Vaccinated for COVID-19? A Cross-Sectional Survey among U.S. Adults in May-June 2020. Jennifer Allen, Wenhui Feng, Laura Corlin, Thalia Porteny, Andrea Acevedo, Deborah Schildkraut, Erin King, Keren Ladin, Quiang Fu, Thomas J. Stopka. Preventive Medicine Reports, July 2021.

Beliefs regarding personal responsibility, public health authority, vaccine safety, and risk exposure among others can all play a part in vaccine reluctance according to this study.

Assessing Equity in Health, Wealth, and Civic Engagement: A Nationally Representative Survey, United States, 2020. Thomas J. Stopka, Wenhui Feng, Laura Corlin, Erin King, Jayanthi Mistry, Wendy Mansfield, Ying Wang, Peter Levine, Jennifer D. Allen. International Journal for Equity in Health, January 2022

We developed a conceptual framework to guide our inquiry of equity across health, wealth, and civic engagement domains. Using structural equation modeling, we developed latent constructs for wealth and civic engagement, to assess associations with a measured health variable. We found significant associations among key equity domains.

022 papers (as of July) authored by Equity Research Cluster investigators (in bold)

Experiences with and impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic by substance use disorder in the early phase of pandemic in the United States: A cross-sectional survey, 2020A Acevedo, W Feng, L Corlin, JD Allen, P Levine, TJ StopkaPloS one 17 (7), e0271788
Broadening access to naloxone: Community predictors of standing order naloxone distribution in MassachusettsA Chatterjee, S Yan, Z Xuan, KM Waye, AM Lambert, TC Green, TJ Stopka, R Pollini, JR Morgan, AY WalleyDrug and alcohol dependence 230, 109190
Intimate Partner Violence and Openness to Online Counseling Among College StudentsA Nelson, J Allen, H Cho, SH Yun, YJ Choi, GY ChoiJournal of Family Violence, 1-11
¿ Cómo deberían los investigadores de equidad sanitaria considerar la interrelación de raza y etnia en las comunidades afrolatinas?AG CuevasAMA Journal of Ethics, 283-288
How Should Health Equity Researchers Consider Intersections of Race and Ethnicity in Afro-Latino Communities?AG CuevasAMA Journal of Ethics 24 (4), 283-288
Assessing the role of socioeconomic status and discrimination exposure for racial disparities in inflammationAG Cuevas, E Goler, CJ Guetta, RF KruegerBrain, Behavior, and Immunity 102, 333-337
The Association Between Veteran Status and Obesity Differs Across Race/EthnicityAG Cuevas, LE Cofie, S NolteAmerican Journal of Health Promotion 36 (2), 314-317
Placental miRNAs Targeting Cellular Stress Response Pathways Are Highly Expressed in Non-Hispanic Black People.Alvarado-Flores, Fernanda, Anastasia Savelyeva, Tianjiao Chu, Yoel Sadovsky, Ndidiamaka Amutah-Onukagha, Perrie O’Tierney-Ginn.Reproductive Sciences (2022): 1-8.
The Relationship Between Subjective Social Status, Mental Health Disparities, and the Mediating Role of Discrimination Among Latinx PopulationsBA Dawson, K Carvalho, A CuevasJournal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities, 1-7
“We feel connected… and like we belong”: A parent-led, staff-supported model of family engagement in early childhoodC McWayne, S Hyun, V Diez, J MistryEarly Childhood Education Journal 50 (3), 445-457
Abrupt Discontinuation From Long-Term Opioid Therapy in Massachusetts, 2015–2018CA Beaugard, KKH Chui, MR Larochelle, LD Young, AY Walley, TJ StopkaAmerican Journal of Preventive Medicine 62 (3), 404-413
Examining the Role of Psychosocial Influences on Black Maternal Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic.Carvalho, Keri, Anna Kheyfets, Blessing Lawrence, Alison Moky, Lauren Harris, Siwaar Abouhala, Ndidiamaka Amutah-OnukaghaMaternal and Child Health Journal 26, no. 4 (2022): 764-769.
Head start teachers act their way into new ways of thinking: Science and engineering practices in preschool classroomsCM McWayne, B Zan, W Ochoa, D Greenfield, J MistryScience Education
Using longitudinally linked data to measure severe maternal morbidity. Declercq, E.R., Cabral, H.J., Cui, X., Liu, C.L., Amutah-Onukagha, N., Larson, E., Meadows, A. and Diop, H.2022. Obstetrics & Gynecology139(2), pp.165-171. doi: 10.1097/AOG.0000000000004641
Modeling the relationship between SARS-CoV-2 RNA in wastewater or sludge and COVID-19 cases in three New England regionsE Anneser, E Riseberg, YM Brooks, L Corlin, C StringerJournal of Water and Health 20 (5), 816-828
Legislatively mandated implementation of medications for opioid use disorders in jails: A qualitative study of clinical, correctional, and jail administrator perspectivesE Pivovarova, EA Evans, TJ Stopka, C Santelices, WJ Ferguson, …Drug and alcohol dependence 234, 109394
Uncommon and preventable: Perceptions of diversion of medication for opioid use disorder in jailEA Evans, E Pivovarova, TJ Stopka, C Santelices, WJ Ferguson, …Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment 138, 108746
Strong Black Women: Linking Stereotypes, Stress, and Overeating Among a Sample of Black Female College Students.Godbolt D, Opara I, Amutah-Onukagha N.Journal of Black Studies. 2022;53(6):609-634. doi:10.1177/00219347221087453
Enhancing Clinical Practice to Include Biomedical HIV Prevention for Black Women. Hill, M., Amutah-Onukagha, N., Flash, C.A., Joiner, K., Olayinka, F., Ojikutu, B.2022. Black Women and Public Health: Strategies to Name, Locate, and Change Systems of Power.
Young women’s food consumption and mental health: the role of employmentJ Lee, J AllenBMC Women’s Health 22 (1), 1-10
Age Difference in Relationships between Depression and Sleep among Young Adult MenJ Lee, J AllenJournal of Men’s Health 18 (7), 142
Inequality in the intergenerational economic mobility in single mother-headed householdsJ Lee, J AllenChildren and Youth Services Review, 106566
Dual Mediating Effects of Information and Communication Technology Resources and Family Satisfaction on COVID-19 Knowledge Among Middle School StudentsJ Lee, J Allen, H Lim, G ChoiSage Open 12 (1), 21582440221079897
The Moderating Effect of Age on Low-Income Students’ Relationships With Mentors and Their Self-Efficacy Since COVID-19J Lee, J Allen, H Lim, G Choi, J JungFrontiers in Psychiatry, 643
Adverse childhood experiences, intimate partner violence victimization, and self-perceived health and depression among college studentsJ Seon, H Cho, GY Choi, E Son, J Allen, A Nelson, I KwonJournal of Family Violence 37 (4), 691-706
Help-seeking behaviors among college students who have experienced intimate partner violence and childhood adversityJ Seon, H Cho, JB Han, J Allen, A Nelson, I KwonJournal of family violence 37 (4), 681-690
Does Shared Decision-Making for Prostate Cancer Screening Among African American Men Happen? It Depends on Who You AskJD Allen, T Porteny, A Kaplan, K Ladin, K Monahan, DL BerryJournal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities 9 (4), 1225-1233
Understanding opioid overdose risk and response preparedness among people who use cocaine and other drugs: mixed-methods findings from a large, multi-city studyJMW Hughto, LK Gordon, TJ Stopka, P Case, WR Palacios, A Tapper, T GreenSubstance Abuse 43 (1), 465-478
Delays in Children’s Preventive Health Services During the COVID-19 PandemicKH Nguyen, K Nguyen, D Lekshmi, L Corlin, R NiskaFamily Medicine 54 (5), 350-361
“I’ve been to more of my friends’ funerals than I’ve been to my friends’ weddings”: Witnessing and responding to overdose in rural Northern New EnglandK Nolte, E Romo, TJ Stopka, A Drew, P Dowd, L Del Toro‐Mejias, …The Journal of Rural Health
Disparities in national and state estimates of COVID-19 vaccination receipt and intent to vaccinate by race/ethnicity, income, and age group among adults≥ 18 years, United StatesKH Nguyen, E Anneser, A Toppo, JD Allen, JS Parott, L CorlinVaccine 40 (1), 107-113
COVID-19 Vaccination Coverage, Behaviors, and Intentions among Adults with Previous Diagnosis, United StatesKH Nguyen, J Huang, K Mansfield, L Corlin, JD AllenEmerging infectious diseases 28 (3), 631
Child and adolescent COVID-19 vaccination status and reasons for non-vaccination by parental vaccination statusKH Nguyen, K Nguyen, K Mansfield, JD Allen, L CorlinPublic Health
Trends in adolescent COVID-19 vaccination receipt and parental intent to vaccinate their adolescent children, United States, July to October, 2021KH Nguyen, K Nguyen, M Geddes, JD Allen, L CorlinAnnals of Medicine 54 (1), 733-742
Trends in COVID-19 vaccination receipt and intention to vaccinate, United States, April to August, 2021KH Nguyen, K Nguyen, M Geddes, JD Allen, L CorlinAmerican journal of infection control 50 (6), 699-703
Mental health symptoms and association with COVID-19 vaccination receipt and intention to vaccinate among adults, United StatesKH Nguyen, S Chen, K Morris, K Chui, JD AllenPreventive Medicine 154, 106905
Prevalence of Previous COVID-19 Infection, COVID-19 Vaccination Receipt, and Intent to Vaccinate Among the US WorkforceKH Nguyen, S Irvine, M Chung, H Yue, C Sheetoh, K Chui, JD AllenPublic Health Reports, 00333549221085238
Who has not been vaccinated, fully vaccinated, or boosted for COVID-19?KH Nguyen, Y Chen, J Huang, JD Allen, P Beninger, L CorlinAmerican Journal of Infection Control
Implications for racial inequities in maternal health if Roe v Wade is lost. Kheyfets, A., Miller, B., Amutah-Onukagha, N.(2022). The Lancet
Food access, dietary intake, and nutrition knowledge of adults on probationKR Dong, X Chen, TJ Stopka, A Must, CG Beckwith, AM TangJournal of Nutrition Education and Behavior 54 (6), 510-520
Understanding health priorities, behaviors, and service utilization among Brazilian immigrant women: implications for designing community-based interventionsL Priebe Rocha, C Soares, A McGregor, S Chen, A Kaplan, RR Rose, H Galvão, CE Siqueira, JD AllenJournal of racial and ethnic health disparities 9 (1), 135-145
Length of Residency in the United States and Obesity Across Race/EthnicityLE Cofie, AG CuevasJournal of Immigrant and Minority Health, 1-5
County-Level Social Vulnerability Is Positively Associated with Cardiometabolic Disease in ColoradoLE Wild, MK Walters, A Powell, KA James, L Corlin, TL AldereteInternational journal of environmental research and public health 19 (4), 2202
“Nobody Knows How You’re Supposed to Interpret it:” End-user Perspectives on Prescription Drug Monitoring Program in MassachusettsM Hong, S Seymour, TJ Stopka, L Bandanza, E Crocker, A Morgan, L BeletskyJournal of Addiction Medicine 16 (3), e171-e176
Contested racial identity and the health of women and their infantsNN Abuelezam, AG Cuevas, S Galea, SS HawkinsPreventive Medicine 155, 106965
Association between sociodemographic characteristics and age stopped breastfeeding on early childhood weight status.Odusanya, Anne O., Kaydian S. Reid, Ndidiamaka Amutah-Onukagha, Kelley Robinson, Ola U. Kalu, Wayne R. Lawrence, Ziqiang Lin.Obesity Research & Clinical Practice (2022).
Putting the US Constitution in Its PlaceP LevineCitizenship and Civic Leadership in America, 267
What Should We Do?: A Theory of Civic LifeP LevineOxford University Press
Social Movements and Stakeholder EngagementP LevineBroadly Engaged Team Science in Clinical and Translational Research, 67-74
Racial disparities in cognitive function among middle-aged and older adults: The roles of cumulative stress exposures across the life courseR Chen, J Weuve, S Misra, A Cuevas, LD Kubzansky, DR WilliamsThe Journals of Gerontology: Series A 77 (2), 357-364
Reconsidering the Roots of Transformative Education: Habermas and MezirowS Eschenbacher, P LevineThe Palgrave Handbook of Learning for Transformation, 45-58
Spatial Epidemiology and Public HealthS Shrestha, TJ StopkaGeospatial Technology for Human Well-Being and Health, 49-77
Technical report: an online international weight control registry to inform precision approaches to healthy weight managementSB Roberts, SK Das, RD Sayer, AE Caldwell, HR Wyatt, TS Mehta, AG Cuevas...International Journal of Obesity, 1-6
The Role of Palliative Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Perceptions and Experiences Among Critical Care Clinicians, Hospital Leaders, and Spiritual Care Providers (S538)T Vesel, E Ernst, L Vesel, K McGowan, T StopkaJournal of Pain and Symptom Management 63 (5), 926-927
Molecular and spatial epidemiology of HCV among people who inject drugs in Boston, MassachusettsTJ Stopka, O Yaghi, M Li, E Paintsil, K Chui, D Landy, R HeimermedRxiv
Assessing equity in health, wealth, and civic engagement: a nationally representative survey, United States, 2020TJ Stopka, W Feng, L Corlin, E King, J Mistry, W Mansfield, Y Wang, …International Journal for Equity in Health 21 (1), 1-15
Advancing Health Equity through Inclusive and Equitable Publication Practices at Women’s Health Issues. Vyas, A.N., Katon, J.G., Battaglia, T.A., Batra, P., Borkowski, L., Frick, K.D., Hamilton, A.B., Agénor, M., Amutah-Onukagha, N., Bird, C.E. and Kozhimannil, K.B.2022. Women’s Health Issues32(3), pp.203-207.
The Effects of Changing SNAP Work Requirement on the Health and Employment Outcomes of Able-Bodied Adults without DependentsW FengJournal of the American Nutrition Association 41 (3), 281-290
The Healthfulness and Mix of Foods Purchased at Dollar Stores, 2008-2019W Feng, ET Page, B Sun, SB Cash

A sample of Equity Research Cluster works-in-progress

Parents’ Willingness to Vaccinate Children for COVID-19: Conspiracy Theories, Information Sources, and Perceived Responsibility. Jennifer Allen, Quiang Fu, Kimberly Nguyen, Rebecca Rose, Deborah Silva, Laura Corlin. (Under review.)

Medical mistrust, perceived discrimination, and COVID-19 vaccination. Jennifer Allen, Keri Carvalho, Shikhar Shrestha, Kimberly H. Nguyen, Thomas J. Stopka, Adolfo Cuevas.

Environmental equity and COVID-19 experiences: a nationally representative sample in the United States. Elyssa Anneser, Thomas Stopka, Elena Naumova, Keith Spangler, Kevin Lane, Andrea Acevedo, Jeffrey Griffiths, Jennifer Allen, Peter Levine, Laura Corlin.

Housing inequities and COVID-19 outcomes. Nathan Kim, Elyssa Anneser, others TBD, Laura Corlin.

Is Everything Politicized? Exploring Associations Between Health Behaviors and Political Ideology. Wenhui Feng, Shikhar Shrestha, Ashley Fox, Michael Siegel, Andrea Acevedo, Thomas J. Stopka.

Research using the Equity Research Cluster’s Equity in America Surveys, Waves 1-3, has been funded by Tufts University Office of the Vice Provost for Research (OVPR) and the Research and Scholarship Strategic Plan (RSSP) as one of several such initiatives. Additional support for the Wave 2 (2021) and Wave 3 (2022) Equity in America surveys has been provided by the Tufts Clinical andTranslational Science Institute (CSTI) with funding from NIH CTSA grant UL1TR002544. 

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